Dentist vs Orthodontist


People are keeping their oral health in order to have the confidence in either for the looks and for personal health and for that matter, we are seeking the help of a dentist who is the specialist for oral health. But for some time we also encounter the word Orthodontist, and by that time, the only thing that comes to our mind is confusion on what differs the dentist from an Orthodontist.

To start with the differentiation, it is important to know that the dentist and orthodontist are both doctors for the teeth and the oral health care. They perform operations in taking care of teeth, tooth decay, gums, tooth extraction, repair of damaged tooth and more. The difference that separates the two is that the dentist is a doctor who completed undergraduate studies in med school and then took and completed the training in postgraduate from a dental school. The orthodontist on the other hand also completed the same studies as the dentist does, but the difference is that the orthodontist is considered special because they have completed an additional 2 years of residency program on the orthodontic studies right after their post graduation in dental college.

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