Dill vs Fennel


Almost everyone loves cooking and a way to enhance the aroma as well as savory of the dish, some are adding herbs and spices to make the taste more powerful and delicious. Two of the most popular herbs being tossed on the pot were namely Dill and Fennel. These two herbs are almost alike because of their similarities in terms of appearance and flavor. Yet of course, even if they were mistakenly considered as similar, they will surely have differences.

A dill is a type of herbs whereas scientifically referred to an AnethumGraveolensm. It is a plant that constitutes long leaves, slender stems, a bearing-flower plant that usually comes in yellow or white, and it produces seeds somewhat similar in flavor to a caraway seed. It is usually mixed with soups, gravies, and pickles. The extracted dill oil can be used as an ingredient in producing cosmetic goods such as soaps.

On the other hand, a fennel is scientifically termed as a Foeniculumvulgare in which it belongs to the family of perennial plants mostly located on the shores of the Mediterranean areas. It is usually used for both culinary and medicinal usage. It is also mixed with soups and even salads.

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