Edema Vs Swelling


Do you feel a muscle cramp or a chest pain? Are your legs, feet, or ankle get tired easily? To answer these questions, you should be familiar with the medical terms namely swelling and edema. People find these terms similar and often used them interchangeably. As the medical principles apply, these ailments are associated with each other but the fact is, swelling connotes a general term whereas the edema is more of a specific term.
When you experience having a cramp, ache, or pain in your legs, feet, or ankles, it might lead to the swelling. It occurs when a certain area of the muscle or skin becomes inflammatory due to the presence of excess fluid in the tissues. Some experts are using the word inflammation as a synonym of swelling. We mistakenly thought that a swelling only happens in the muscles or epidermis layer, but actually, it can also affect the internal organs of the body such as heart, kidney, and liver. In fact, an edema is a perfect term in referring to these diseases.
An edema occurs when the excess fluid in the body accumulates in the affected tissues hence, building a painful penetration of the tissues resulting in the muscle cramps, aching joints, feet, and ankles. It might also enter the veins connecting to the heart, kidney, and liver as well as to the rest of the body parts thus, forming an edema.

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