Feline vs Canine


Primarily known to the public, feline and canines are dogs and cats which possess many characteristics and abilities that differ them from one another. Being classified biologically in the family of Felidae, felines are usually known as the cats or animals that possess cat-like appearance and ability. On the other hand, being the members of the taxonomic order of Canidae, canines include the dogs and animals with dog-like features. In terms of eating habits, the felids/feline are primarily carnivorous mammals with the cats being an exception to this, while the canids/canines are adaptive to feeding behaviors and could either be omnivorous and carnivorous.

The felines are gifted with padded paws and are specially equipped with retractable claws, while the canines do not possess the ability to retract the claws. The felids are highly territorial and would strictly prefer to be lonely or have a solitary style of life and are also proud animals which are the reason why cats love the home and not much its owner. The canids/canines on the other hand always work in a group or pack to hunt for food and because of their social life, canids like dogs are affectionate and loves their owners and not the home itself.

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