Humanities vs Social Sciences


Today, the world has changed a lot when it comes to technology and how it affected the lives of the people. Connected to it is the study of the human lives’ aspects that are commonly known as humanities. There are also existing studies that are focusing in human societies and the relationships which are having similarities with humanities. With this titles and focus of studies, it is inevitable to have the confusing issues about their meaning and usage.

Although science and scientists are primarily expected to discover the hidden truths about life, there is a vast number of people that feels science must also provide solutions that human societies face. Humanities includes the academic field of studies which provides the students the knowledge of skills and concepts which are intellectual which includes the study of cultures. Connected to culture is languages, religion, philosophy, literature, performing arts and more.

Social science on the other hand, is also a science about humans and the society, however, it is more focusing on the subjects that are more relating to lives of people and the natural sciences. The subjects that are classified in this study of social sciences are law, history, political science, education, psychology economics and etc.

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